This article explains a way of training for runners that will steadily improve their power levels in a specific way. It works as a crucial element in the development of Sprinters & is also very effective at improving “ease of speed” & finishing burst speed for distance runners.


These involve starting from being in a standing race start position & doing four bounds then a jump into a sandpit. We measure the distance from the front of the “front foot” to the back of the sand print from the landing. The athletes should aim for maximum distance & try to steadily improve their total distance. Part of the improvement is in technique, but much of the long term improvement is built from the benefits of doing good weight training & improving core strength.

この種の境界は、開始境界を実行しても遅い長い筋肉の収縮を伴う。 特異性の点では、開始境界に立っ起動&初期の加速段階スプリンターに最も類似している。 だから、立ってスタート境界距離の改善は、通常より高速なアスリートのための開始に表示されます。

Weight training exercises that will help improve this area the most are single leg step ups onto a box. I have seen elite female sprinters do as much as 90kg in this exercise. Its a great exercise in terms of being specific for both this bounding and the sprinters start.

神経系はウエイトトレーニングから得られた強度を使用して練習することができます活動として境界発進と考えてください。 それは実際に電力利得にマッスルゲインを変換する方法です。 そして、そのプロセスの次のステップであること自体を実行している。 バウンディングは、2つをリンクすることができます。

Many squads do too much volume, where we pioneered a low volume approach. Athletes should do no more than about 30 contacts per leg of bounding in a session. Focus on quality. If the athletes are used to this small volume on a regular basis it is a very safe activity. Doing 2-3 times that volume is the mistake that many coaches have made in the past. If kids grow up doing this type of bounding they will have incredible power potential and it will likely give them greater resilience against being injured. We do always do them in cushioned shoes or jumpers spikes. Certainly not in hard shoes with no cushioning, or on a synthetic surface barefoot, although doing them barefoot on grass with athletes used to running barefoot will probably be OK.

各足の接触はできるだけ足(つま先ではない第1の衝撃)とアスリートがアクティブ(後方移動)足のストライキを目指すべきであるように平らにしてください。 また、ビッグ&パワフルな腕のアクションを使用します。


Running start bounds are a progression from standing start bounding & can be done more during the power phases of the year. Its best to start from a 5m running start & measure them similarly, then progress once a plateau is reached to 10m running start. 10m is usually the best distance. True sprinters/jumpers usually go far further from a running start & get bigger distance from the 10m run than the 5m run by far. However the athlete has to be ready for it & must develop solid ability at standing bounds before starting running bounds.

Running bounding has much shorter contact times with the ground & therefore requires much quicker muscular contractions. The athlete also needs to stability strength & eccentric strength to be able to make quick contacts with the ground. Usually long distance endurance athletes have poor ability in this area due to low % of fast twitch fibres & often can barely go any further from running start bounding. However the opposite is true for specialist sprinters. This distinction is ability even when untrained is a way of doing talent identification.

そのため、開始境界を実行している速筋線維とより迅速な接点に焦点を当てた特異性スプリントレースの後期加速位相に途中までより特異的である。 そのようにバウンディングこのタイプの選手のトレーニングのより具体的な、電力集束段階で使用されるべきである。

もう一度選手はトレーニングのこのタイプのレッグごとに複数の30連絡先をすべきではない。 彼らはまた、それぞれの試行を測定&最大距離のため、各試行を目指すべきである。 多くの場合、セッションで一番距離が6、セッションで試行さ以上のことをやって、その逆効果ので最初の3回の試行以内に発生する。 よりリスクの損傷をやっ&ことは、神経系を平坦&このセッションが終了した後にあまりにも長い期間、パワー/速筋活動に実行されて良好な品質を台無しにします。 それ以上5日間、時には品質を台無しにすることができます。


私たちは、定期的に10mが開始速度限界を実行してスタート&20mを実行しました。 また、工程数および時間20m間隔をYoucount。 選手は自分のスコアを減少させることによって改善することを目指しています。 スコアは工程数が秒単位で、例えば7.5ステップを時間をXと2.6sが19.5です。

通常の境界上の速度限界の利点は、グランドコンタクトが速く、なおさら稼働開始としていることである。 これは、彼らがより具体的な活動になります。 アスリートは、通常、セッションの開始時に3-5の試みを持っている。 これは、通常、その年のプレ競争段階で行われる。


I developed the idea of high hurdle hopping because i wanted an activity that would help an athlete stay “stiffer” & become bouncier when their legs are closer to being straight than in any part of the acceleration phase. That is because at maximum speed is when the athletes are running with legs that are the closest to being straight during the support phase. It also is true that any athlete the time of years where they will be performing with the highest maximum speed is also when bio-mechanical analysis will show their support phase is the closest to being straight.

So the challenge was to find a plyo-metric activity that made it possible to have a solid stimulus but not one that causes a collapse in support of much more than what happens with maximum speed running. This can only happen in earthXCHARXs gravity when an athlete bounces with both legs at the same time. So the idea of doing just 2-3 high plastic hurdles was thought of and tested. It worked well & seemed in specialist sprinters helps develop in them the ability to stay higher during the support phase & as a result develop their best maximum speeds for the macro-cycle.

唯一の他のより具体的な活動は、自分自身を疾走です! または多分過速度ランニング。 しかし、多くの場合、それに選手はドロップ&座ります。 効果を損なう。

ハイハードルバウンスは小容量で素晴らしいです。 勧告は、脚など12 X 6ハードルあたり3固体接点を超えないもしないことです。

The better progression is maybe to just start with 2 plastic ply hurdles & do this 6 times. This will result in just 6 solid impacts % 12 smaller ones. There is the initial bounce before the hurdle, the solid quick impact between hurdles & then the landing. Just keep in mind that the centre bounce is incredibly intense.

We usually always use special plastic plyo hurdles & do these on a synthetic race or long jump run-up surface. We also do them in spikes and aim to land front foot first with maybe only a very light kiss of the heal on the ground. Start at a low enough hurdle that the athlete can do them quick & high, then steadily progress.

Once again this activity needs to be done at the right time of each macro-cycle. Just at the right time in the training season before the occurrence of major races. Its not an activity to do all year. The athlete to get the most out of it needs a background of good strength training & standing start plus running start bounding. Progress in this activity with quality don’t try to force improvement.


これは楽しい活動であるとそれは彼らの筋力トレーニングは、コアの安定性のトレーニングなど、動作していることを示すことになることを楽しむために選手に何かを与えます。 それはまた、彼らのパフォーマンスが向上しますものになります。 選手が一年間、これらの活動を実施していたらあなたは年のためにそれらを中止した場合には、加速·最高速度での明確な低下を見る。

注意: Don’t let athletes do above the recommended amounts of this activity, which is easy to do, because they think its great fun & will readily do too much of it for their own good. So be prepared coaches to “pull in the reins”. With these activities more is bad.

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